Friday, February 15, 2013

Aixplorer®, with its UltraFast™ Platform, Raises The Bar In Pediatric Imaging

Dr. Franchi-Abella, a recognized leader in pediatric liver imaging, (Bicêtre Hospital, Paris, France) shared her very positive impression of the Aixplorer® ultrasound system for pediatric imaging.

AIX EN PROVENCE, France--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dr. Franchi-Abella presented her pediatric liver scanning experience with the Aixplorer at a meeting during the Radiological Society of North America in November 2012.

At the Bicêtre Hospital, the leading French center for liver transplantation in children, Aixplorer’s real-time ShearWave Elastography imaging is used to non-invasively assess liver stiffness. These results are then compared and confirmed with fibrosis staging obtained from biopsy.

In her presentation, Dr. Franchi-Abella underlined the importance of ShearWave Elastography to help physicians in the characterization of the early stages of fibrosis with children. These early stages are often very difficult to detect. She also highlighted the benefits of Aixplorer to monitor evolving liver injuries, including cases of biliary atresia.

“Our experience with the detection and assessment of liver fibrosis for children with ShearWave Elastography is encouraging,” said Dr. Franchi-Abella. “This advanced technology could help to optimize the indications for a biopsy and to monitor spontaneous disease or treatment.”

source: Business Wire

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