Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Siemens Demonstrates Advanced 3D Imaging and Software Applications at ISUOG 2010

Prague, Czech Republic, October 10, 2010 – Highlighting a portfolio of advanced clinical applications and systems, Siemens Healthcare will showcase the latest solutions for OB/GYN at the 20th World Congress on Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology in Prague. Siemens will feature sophisticated imaging technologies and workflow enhancements on a comprehensive spectrum of products, including its exclusive syngo®.fourSight™ Workplace image management software – featuring a new immersive 3D imaging experience using professional graphics solutions.

Siemens syngo.fourSight Workplace brings a new dimension to volume imaging by delivering true stereoscopic views of 3D images for a 3D experience that is more immersive, detailed, and real-to-life than ever before. While conventional 3D ultrasound technologies use two-dimensional monitors for the evaluation of 3D images, syngo.fourSight Workplace uses a specially designed 3D monitor combined with high-end professional graphics solutions to create the most stunning 3D/4D images of the fetus in true 3D. Providing additional information to the physician and assisting in communication with surgeons and patients, this quality improvement may also aid in treatment and surgical planning.

source: Siemens Medical