Sunday, July 20, 2008

Reports of Ultrasound Bubble Contrast Agents Are Overblown, Physicians Say

by Lynn Shapiro, Writer

The reports of serious side effects and deaths being linked to the contrast agents Definity made by Lantheus Medical Imaging, and Optisom, made by GE Healthcare, are overblown, say Dr. Christopher M. Kramer, a professor of radiology and medicine at the University of Virginia Health System and Dr. Don Black, vice president of research and development for the medical diagnostics division of GE Healthcare.

FDA placed a black box warning on the two agents last October after receiving about 200 reports of serious allergic reactions and deaths due to the contrast agents.

However, Dr. Kramer told DOTmed News that upon reviewing the cases, it became clear that the deaths occurred because the patients who were given the dye were terminally ill.

source: DotMed News

Saturday, July 12, 2008

GE Healthcare Enhances Service Capabilities To Address Continued Growth Of Compact Ultrasound Systems

GE Healthcare announced that its LOGIQ e compact ultrasound users are embracing a new service that allows them to connect their ultrasound systems, via secure broadband connection, to the technical support and clinical applications experts at GE's LiveAssist Center. This innovative digital connectivity, called InSite ExC, provides customers with "real time" remote resolution of service and applications events.

"Fast response is especially important to our LOGIQ e customers," said Ann Marie Lubert, GE Healthcare's General Manager of Ultrasound Americas Services, noting that the devices are used primarily in such settings as emergency departments, surgical suites, anesthesiology, cardiology and private physicians' offices. "At these sites, backup equipment may not be readily available. So remaining operational is absolutely critical."

source: GE Healthcare